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Our mission is to build bridges between startups and market leaders.

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  • Design sprint – get answers to critical business questions by design, prototyping and testing
  • Hackathons – collect new solutions to your industry challenges, hire great talent
    and meet our team of excellence
  • Tailor-made mentoring program – a global pool of talent working on industry innovations

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  • Global mentor pool
  • Embedded to the local and international startup ecosystem
  • Voted as ‘the best incubation agency of Hungary’ in 2016

Why you?

  • Access to a global pool of talent
  • A team of excellence – the best selected startups working on your industry challenges
  • Tested solutions that are ready to be integrated into your company processes
Design Terminal is a non-profit organization. The proceeds of our corporate cooperations are dedicated entirely to the development of our talent management activities.

Great mentors with superpower

Local and international heroes at your disposal

Design Terminal team

János Csák
Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy
Zoltán Ács
László Jónás
Business development
Bernadett Miklós
Márta Tankó
Tamás Tossenberger
Startup relations


    Margaret Ann Dowling
    founder, Create and Translate.org
    Dániel Vattay
    founder, Mountain Sight Consulting
    Sára Varga
    founder, Socially
    Christian Buus Nielsen
    cofounder, Vidzor
    Veronika Pistyur
    CEO, Bridge Budapest
    Boris Staal
    independent consultant
    Miklós Kovács
    partner, iEurope Capital
    Olivér Sziller
    founder, MyConcept
    Györgyi Gálik
    design researcher, Future Cities Catapult
    Samu Szemerey
    urbanist, founder, KÉK
    Sándor Kulcsár
    founder, ITI Hungary
    Péter Vidos
    founder, Product Genie
    Attila Nemes
    talent program lead, KIBU
    Levente Rövid
    partner, DKKR Partners
    Barnabás Málnay
    founder, MM Cluster
    Katalin Gallyas
    founder, CEO, Civic Tech Amsterdam
    Csaba Kákosy
    managing partner, Day One capital
    Patrick Vlaskovits
    CEO, founder at Superpowered Inc.
    Matej Ftacnik
    CXO, Vacuumlabs
    Márk Kendernay
    architecture student, University of Bath
    Dávid Vitézy
    director, Hungarian Transportation Museum
    Regő Lánszki
    managing director, Urban PM
    Mary Collins
    founder, Tandemleap
    Gábor Papp
    head of Marketing, The Pitch
    Torben Thomsen
    cofounder, Vidzor
    Can Ertugrul
    board member, Austrian Startups
    Péter Szekeres
    founder, Neticle
    Pál Koós
    director, Design Insitution, MOME
    Attila Cosovan
    founder, Co&Co
    Dávid Baráth
    creative director, David Barath Design
    Sándor Finta
    András Sztaniszláv
    strategic communication consultant
    Tibor Remete
    founder, Super Channel
    Gábor Szórád
    regional director EE, delivery hero, managing director, NetPincér.hu
    Zoltán Várady, Dr.
    managing director, MOL Asset Management
    Antal Károlyi
    president, HunBAN
    Gergely Hodicska
    VP of engineering, IBM Budapest Lab (ex Ustream)
    Martin Olczyk
    M&A banker, entrepreneur
    Gábor Dósa
    senior executive, Mars Nordics
    Mátyás Dobó
    MD, Endless.Consulting
    László Pusztai
    HR Project manager
    Lennaert Jonkers
    Ana Kecman
    strategy and business development expert, MOL Group
    Zsolt Fehér
    managing director, Europe, Hogan Assessments
    Andrea Boccuni
    EU Affairs Advisor, EU funds and lobbying
    Zsuzsanna Farkas
    Independent consultant, CEO EDUardo
    Andrea Dintsér
    Founder and CEO of YourStory.hu
    Lydia Skene
    Managing director at Skene Kft.

Frequently asked questions

Design Terminal Mentoring program

Startups are inherently flexible, able to make quick decisions and question the rules, so it's no wonder they can innovate much more efficiently. In contrast, large companies need more time to make decisions which makes the innovation process difficult to proceed with. We believe that companies and startups need each other as the company can help startups with resources, infrastructure, partners and also with capital. This way startups have the chance to work on solutions that are inevitable for companies.

Design Terminal’s mentoring program is an accelerator program. Accelerators provide fixed-term intense programs (usually 3-6 months long) for young entrepreneurs, that include mentorship, as well as workshop opportunities and coworking space. For-profit accelerators also invest capital in startup companies. The Design Terminal mentoring program is a nonprofit accelerator program that does not take equity in change for participating in the program. For the best teams, however, it offers a fast lane for venture capital investment, and for large companies it opens doors to innovative, fast-growing startups.

If your company wants to establish an accelerator you need to think about the followings: appropriate professionals and an experienced, trusted mentor network who know exactly how to build a business model and develop products for a revolutionary innovation. In addition, it needs to develop a well-structured process for a large company to make the most of its accelerator program, as startups and large companies have a very different organizational culture.

A successful corporate accelerator can combine the benefits of in-house and outsourced innovation, but only if the large company has a well-trained, dedicated team. In addition to the know-how, it’s worthwhile to count on your own coworking office and, on demand, the amount put aside for investing and the establishment of the equity investment process within the company (what’s happening with the equity holdings , how will the startup acquire newer and newer venture capital, what's the exit strategy, etc.)

It is one of the most useful tools of innovation management, which requires significant knowledge and resources if the large company wants to solve everything in-house. Before you start, consider other options as well.

Having your own company accelerator could mean a huge investment as you don’t have an elaborated program yet and direct access to startups and mentors. Their design requires a lot of resources and capital.

A professional partner on the other hand have access to all these and a joint accelerator is cost-effective and less risky.

Design Terminal could be a good choice as the team have the right experience, know-how and international connections. This way companies can get access to the local and international ecosystem while startups work on your challenges. The best ones could be part of the company’s daily operation.

Design Terminal has years of experience and is part of the local and international ecosystem. We have access to an international talentpool and our partners include the key Hungarian universities. Moreover we have a special team working on finding the best international teams 24/7.

Large corporations and startups have different organizational culture and structure, and decision-making processes. Startups are flexible, make decisions faster and don’t follow. Thanks to their capital strength and experience, big companies can quickly scale the results of startups.

Indeed, there are many best practices. International examples show that companies need professional partners to start a successful program. Good examples are the Wayra Uk - Telefonica accelerator; the Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars; the Axel Springer Plug and Play or the Hub:Raum by Deutsche Telekom.

Design Terminal has lots of programs that can be interesting for a large company, such as international hackathons, bootcamps and other events, meetups. We create tailor-made programs for every partner, both in duration and volume.

Our partners include BlackRock, the world's largest investment management corporation; the Google Launchpad development team, the Slovenian ABC Accelerator; the most successful Portuguese incubator, the Beta-i, MOL Group the most prominent energy giant of Central Europe and major university partners such as the Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Semmelweis University.

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