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Our mission is to build bridges between startups and market leaders.

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  • Design sprint – get answers to critical business questions by design, prototyping and testing
  • Hackathons – collect new solutions to your industry challenges, hire great talent
    and meet our team of excellence
  • Tailor-made mentoring program – a global pool of talent working on industry innovations

Why us?

  • Global mentor pool
  • Embedded to the local and international startup ecosystem
  • Voted as ‘the best incubation agency of Hungary’ in 2016

Why you?

  • Access to a global pool of talent
  • Pre-selected startups working on your industry challenges
  • Tested solutions that are ready to be integrated into your company processes

Great mentors with superpower

Local and international heroes at your disposal

Design Terminal team

János Csák
Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy
Zoltán Ács
László Jónás
Zsófia Csukonyi
Dorka Gál
Bernadett Miklós
Márta Tankó


    Alexander Bibighaus
    director of engineering, Cloudera
    Anabela Vaskova
    creative communicator
    András Sztaniszláv
    strategic communication consultant
    Antal Károlyi
    president, HunBAN
    Attila Cosovan
    founder, Co&Co
    Attila Nemes
    talent program lead, KIBU
    Barnabás Málnay
    founder, MM Cluster
    Can Ertugrul
    board member, Austrian Startups
    Christian Buus Nielsen
    cofounder, Vidzor
    Csaba Kákosy
    managing partner, Day One capital
    Dániel Vattay
    founder, Mountain Sight Consulting
    Dávid Baráth
    creative director, David Barath Design
    Dávid Vitézy
    director, Hungarian Transportation Museum
    Gábor Papp
    head of Marketing, The Pitch
    Gábor Szórád
    regional eirector EE, delivery hero, managing director, NetPincér.hu
    Györgyi Gálik
    design researcher, Future Cities Catapult
    Katalin Gallyas
    founder, ceo, Civic Tech Amsterdam
    László Gál
    DW & BI Director, Oracle Apps Labs
    Levente Rövid
    partner, DKKR Partners
    Margaret Ann Dowling
    founder, Create and Translate.org
    Márk Kendernay
    architecture student, University of Bath
    Mary Collins
    founder, Tandemleap
    Matej Ftacnik
    CXO, Vacuumlabs
    Mátyás Radó
    founder, Oander Media
    Miklós Kovács
    partner, iEurope Capital
    Olivér Sziller
    founder, MyConcept
    Pál Koós
    director, Design Insitution, MOME
    Patrick Vlaskovits
    CEO, founder at Superpowered Inc.
    Péter Szekeres
    founder, Neticle
    Péter Vidos
    founder, Product Genie
    Regő Lánszki
    managing director, Urban PM
    Samu Szemerey
    urbanist, founder, KÉK
    Sándor Finta
    Sándor Kulcsár
    founder, ITI Hungary
    Sára Varga
    founder, Socially
    Torben Thomsen
    cofounder, Vidzor
    Veronika Pistyur
    CEO, Bridge Budapest
    Zoltán Várdy
    founder, Medient Consulting

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