First in the CEE region.

Virtual Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program moves to the online space! Shaped in accordance with the changing economic circumstances, with an innovative format and richer knowledge than ever. In CEE’s first Virtual Mentoring Program this semester we’re looking for answers like how to react to a sudden, extreme situation and crisis.

At Design Terminal, we know that the key to a sustainable future for society is all about getting people to think and work differently. Our long-established Mentoring Program has already provided 50 startups with highly customized support.

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What will you get

  • Customized mentorship from business leaders 
  • Network support & business matching 
  • Investor roundtables & meetings 
  • Impact measurement tools & training 
  • Entrepreneurship learning sessions 
  • Pitch practice sessions & demo day 
  • Free use of coworking space & facilities 
  • Monthly scholarship to cover some of your living expenses 
  • Range of discounts for services that will make you feel at home in Budapest 
  • In return, we don’t ask for any equity in your business 

What we are looking for

  • You are a startup with a minimum viable product (MVP) 
  • Your business is scalable internationally 
  • You have demonstrated some traction (i.e. customers, revenue, subscribers) 
  • Your founding team has both technical and business skills covered 
  • At least two founders are willing to work full time in Budapest during the program 
  • You are socially committed entrepreneurs

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Our Uniqueness

  • 01

    Customized mentoring

    Our customized mentoring is based on the needs of startups and their development stage (market entry ready, researching first investors).

  • 02

    Extensive network

    Valuable and high-profile network spanning the tech industry and beyond, created by our mentors, alumni teams and corporate partners of Design Terminal.

  • 03

    Building real communities

    We place huge emphasis on creating communities, connecting the right people and creating long-lasting bonds between our teams and mentors, bonds that will continue beyond our Mentoring Program.

Always keep evolving

During the three months long program our mentors are the most valuable players since they play a crucial role in the development of mentored startups. They supply guidance and work closely with startups. Teams attend training sessions at workshops run by our best mentors. They learn about validation techniques, business modeling, finance models, sales strategy, online marketing, product development, growth hacking and so much more.

We also provide various other support formats, for example, speedmentoring sessions, where teams spend time with every mentor (often 8-15) asking them about specialization-related issues. We organize field trips to provide business opportunities for the teams and help them extend their network.