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His Royal Highness, The Duke of York KG, welcomed to Budapest by Design Terminal

2018-09-12 11:00:00

Twelve exciting Hungarian start-ups had the opportunity to Pitch their businesses to The Duke of York and an influential Audience from Hungary’s business community at the Pest Vigadó on Tuesday evening for the first ever Pitch@Palace Hungary.

The Duke of York founded Pitch@Palace in 2014 to provide a platform to amplify and accelerate the work of young, innovative technology enterprises. Pitch@Palace has now grown into a global network which spans 53 countries across five continents, building access and connectivity around the world.

Pitch@Palace Hungary 1.0 was held in the Pest Vigadó on Tuesday evening, hosted by Design Terminal along with its partners Századvég and KPMG.

The winner of the Audience vote was GlovEye intended to assist the blind and visually impaired, and the runners up was CollMot Robotics, dedicated to breathtaking drone shows and Cogito, a note sharing app focused on education was named winner of the public vote, the Pitch@Palace Hungary People's Choice Award.

Speaking at the event, HRH The Duke of York said, “This event is about showcasing Hungarian talent, Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship. There are huge benefits to learning and listening and hearing and working with entrepreneurs.It is an enormous pleasure to welcome these 12 entrepreneurial businesses into our programme and I hope we will be able to help all of them in one way or another. We’re looking forward to helping these businesses over the coming months and years.”

 During the competition, 12 Hungarian start-ups pitched their concepts in front of HRH and a domestic Audience of over 400 guests. Among the participants was Aeriu dealing with drone logistics, EVA Vision intended to assist the blind and visually impaired, and Clavicont finding methods for the early detection of the Parkinson’s disease.