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Design Terminal launches a new innovation hackathon with the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

2019-02-12 16:10:00

The application for the event is open for startups, university students and carrier beginners who want to give new impulses to the Hungarian agricultural sector

The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (HCA) has set the goal to find and support those innovative solutions, startups and young entrepreneurs who want to provide out of the box solutions to answer the current challenges of agriculture. At the entitled „Gazdálkodj okosan! - NAK Agrotech Hackathon” applicants should provide solutions for how they can increase the efficiency of farming. Every idea counts which can contribute to a more efficient sector, for example agricultural machinery, tools for the analysis and utilization of data, sensors, new watering solutions, efficient work-planning methods. Everything that helps farmers realize a more precise, effective and environment-protecting farming from automatic drones to a communication platform between integrator and the farmer and a chatbot giving advice in precision farming. The innovation hackathon is the first milestone of a long-term agricultural innovation program which endorses the fast development and market entrance of startups in this sector. Besides of that, the new solutions could truly contribute to increase the efficiency of the farmers' work. 

Design Terminal fosters the process with finding and integrating the most innovative solutions which could help the Hungarian agriculture move to the next level. Application: