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Design Terminal organised a hackathon for BlackRock, the world's largest asset management company

2018-04-17 15:00:00

Teams with diverse scientific backgrounds participated at the event

The challenge of BlackRock’s and Design Terminal’s 24-hour Hackathon was to create a solution that will help people become more conscious about their spending habits. The organisers were expecting diverse teams with innovative ideas for promoting financial responsibility and education

The 16 teams participating at the 24 hour challenge received professional input from BlackRock and Design Terminal mentors. Besides the consultations and workshops, the teams had to pitch their ideas to a professional jury. 

The winning idea was delivered by team stoneCode. They created a web browser application that tests if the user really needs the product before making the webshop purchase, allowing them to can break free from the habit of impulse shopping and save money.

 The top 3 teams were rewarded with valuable prizes. The winning team will have lunch with Melanie Seymour, head of BlackRock Budapest, and participate in a BlackRock workshop. Furthermore, the team members were rewarded with €500 WizzAir vouchers, Google Home devices and BrainBar tickets.