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Design Terminal helps the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV Zrt.) to innovate

2018-12-13 14:00:00

71 teams delivered 106 ideas to the first INNOMÁV announcement

The aim of our cooperation with MÁV Zrt was to establish an internal system of innovation based on employees’ ideas. The first result of our joint work is the INNOMÁV application program, which gives employees the opportunity to present their own development proposals and formulate them as a concrete corporate project. Design Terminal’s involvement covered the planning of the application criteria, the form and content requirements of the applications, and the evaluation system and the back-testing of tender efficiency. In order to strengthen the organisational culture, the application could only be applied for in teams. At the end of the 3-round selection process, finalist teams presented their solutions to the jury of the company's leaders and specialists on December 12.

Photo: MÁV Zrt. Kommunikációs Igazgatóság/Fülöp Ildikó