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Design Terminal organised a hackathon for E.ON, one of the biggest energy companies in Europe

2018-04-24 09:00:00

The aim of the 24 hour long competition was protecting the birds and the environment

The challenge of the hackathon organized by Design Terminal for E.ON was to find breakthrough solutions on how to protect the birds against threats imposed by electric networks.

The teams had a whole day to figure out and pitch their ideas about their bird protection solutions, which both minimise the injuries of birds and keep the electric energy flow safe and secure. The teams participating in the challenge received input from E.ON mentors and external professionals. 

The winning idea was delivered by Architectmen. They created a solution based on installing bird wing shaped deflectors made by insulated materials on pylons. The first prize was 350.000 Hungarian Forint worth airplane ticket voucher, and all of the team members were rewarded by BrainBar tickets and got an invitation to the E.ON Energy Globe Awards, presenting the most innovative sustainability projects in Hungary.