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Fresh impulses in agricultural innovation at the hackathon of Design Teminal and the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture

2019-03-25 09:10:00

University students worked together with professionals at the very first innovation hackathon in Hungarian agriculture, entitled ,,Gazdálkodj okosan! (Farm wisely!) - NAK Agrotech Hackathon”, which took place on the 22nd and 23rd of March

Majority of the applicants arrived from different fields and did not have any relations to agriculture before, thus making the competition unique and exciting. Despite of this fact, the specialists of the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (HCA) and professionals of Design Terminal who supported the teams through mentoring, were introduced to such ideas that could potentially contribute to the further development of the Hungarian agricultural sector. Inventors of new solutions like an automatic smart beehive, an intelligent frost protection system or an idea for reducing cattle’s methane emission competed for 24 hours. Based on the pitches presented at the end of the hackathon the jury rewarded the first prize to BeeNet, the team who has developed the idea of an interactive platform for communication between beekeepers, agricultural producers, and the authorities. Team TRIME and team Mélyvíz 19 won special prizes, the former for developing artificial intelligence for protecting fishponds from birds and the latter for inventing a new watering technology.