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Innovation Stories discovered the future of FinTech

2018-10-18 08:00:00

In the newest chapter of Design Terminal’s event series participants were able to gain insight into the world of fintech

How can a fundamentally conservative sector be digitized and innovated to meet the growing consumer demand? How can banks manage the change inside their organizations? How can startups be integrated into the financial system which is beneficial for all players? What added value will fintech solutions offer in the future? Can Facebook or Google enter to the financial market in the near future?

At the latest event of Innovation Stories which now was organized in cooperation with MKB Fintechlab experts have been focusing on the future of banks, fintech solutions and startups as well as digital payment methods. During the discussion the participants of the event were able to gain a comprehensive picture of how technological development transforms the financial sector, the operation of banks and how the regulatory environment responds.

At the round table discussion Mark Hetényi, Chief Digital, Retail and Strategy Officer and CFO/COO of MKB Bank; Gergely Gabler, Director of Special Supervisory Competencies of the Central Bank of Hungary; Gergely Gacsal, Group Managing Director Operational Excellence of Addiko Bank AG and Tamás Bíró, Barion's Founder and Marketing Director were taking part.

The aim of Design Terminal’s Innovation Stories event series is that Hungarian students and those who are studying in Hungary, members of the startup ecosystem and representatives of corporates could have the opportunity to meet, network and exchange experiences. Students can get a full range picture of the hottest issues of certain industries from the experts of the topic in an interactive enviroment which helps them to broaden their horizons and discover the talent they possess.