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Design Terminal launches a new scholarship program next spring

2018-11-29 21:00:00

Design Terminal expects mothers-to-be, mothers and female entrepreneurs to apply

The initiative will be implemented in the framework of Design Terminal’s regular Mentoring Program supported by the Ministry of Human Capacities.

Design Terminal aims to strengthen the role of women, mothers-to-be and mothers in the business sphere in line with the Hungarian government’s initiative, the "Year of Families. The scholarship program contributes to the strengthening of entrepreneurial attitudes but also helps the return of mothers to the labor market.

The participating companies could attend a 3-month long intensive and free enterprise development session which is accompanied by monthly scholarship during the program. Besides the assistance of domestic and international mentors, participants can also collaborate with Design Terminal’s corporate partners.

"Design Terminal’s scholarship program provides personalized support for female entrepreneurs, it facilitates the simultaneous and successful fulfillment of family and work tasks. That is why I find it worthwhile to support it. "- said Katalin Novák, Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs at Design Terminal" Family Values at Home and Work " opening event.

Since 2014 Design Terminal as the leading innovation agency in Hungary has helped 800+ startups to grow by providing infrastructure and clients.