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Let the youth from Western Balkans innovate

2018-06-24 11:00:00

Design Terminal joins to a crucial discussion of current perspectives and challenges for young generations in the Western Balkans

High unemployment rate, difficulties in the higher education sector, complex job market conditions and other issues are corcerning the youngsters of the Western Balkans. How can young people build a career or start a business in the society and believe in their power to make a significant positive change?

The answer to these and other questions were highlighted at “Here we Come!” conference. László Jónás, Head of Business Development at Design Terminal did not stand aside from this crucial roundtable meeting at Brussels. He hosted a workshop that focused on how to connect the SME's and start-ups of the Balkans to the European markets, with the help of guest speakers, Mirtill Megyeri, co-founder of Zyntern - a Design Terminal alumni startup - and Olivér Sziller founder and CEO of MyConcept.