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Application period for Design Terminal spring Mentoring Program closed

2019-02-19 13:10:00

Just like last year, there was great international interest for the spring Mentoring Program of Design Terminal, 174 teams from 6 continents and 30 countries from all over the world applied.

There is significant interest from startup ecosystems like the USA, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden or the UK, but startuppers form India, the United Arab Emirates or Nigeria would also be ready to move to Budapest.

The most innovative startups which are scalable and profitable, and their product or service could have remarkable positive impact on the whole society will participate in a 3-month long business development program starting the 8th April. But before that follows the phase of selection, only 15-20 from all 174 teams will be invited into the power camp where they can prove that they are the bests by competing against each other with the support of Design Terminal’s mentors. During the Mentoring Program the chosen teams will have the opportunity to work together with Design Terminal’s corporate partners and can develop their business with the help of professional mentors.