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Midterm Sprint at Design Terminal!

2019-05-24 07:30:00

The Mentoring Program arrived to its halftime. After intense business development trainings in the past few weeks, the teams took part in the Midterm Sprint, the first ever held in the program’s history.

During the Midterm Sprint, the teams took part in workshops for four days at Design Terminal and HUB HUB, which helped them to develop their sales and communication strategy. During the sprint, emphasis is also placed on developing the soft skills of the mentees, for the first time they have had the opportunity to develop their communication skills individually, and have been introduced to the secrets of time management and negotiation techniques. The teams were helped this week by experts such as András Kenyeres, advisor to the Hungarian national water polo team; Marcell Tóth online marketing specialist and Eszter Szőke, Zoltán Takács, László Radácsi and Miklós Kovács key mentors.