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New impetus for Hungarian entrepreneurs living at the Carpathian Basin

2019-06-21 08:55:00

The business development program of the State Secretary for Nation Policy at the Prime Minister's Office and Design Terminal starts again!

For the fourth time, the State Secretary and Design Terminal are organizing a unique business development program of the Carpathian Basin for nearly 200 micro, small and medium-sized Hungarian enterprises living in the neighboring countries. 

Over the last 4 years, nearly 500 entrepreneurs have been awarded funds, and thousands of them got professional assistance for the development of their businesses. An active, cohesive community of hundreds of entrepreneurs has been established with whom the State Secretary keeps in constant contact. The program strengthens entrepreneurship and also helps local Hungarian entrepreneurs to be succesful at their home country. 

At the traditional opening ceremony of the program at Mezőkövesd (20-23 June 2019), participants take part in a number of valuable lectures, workshops and one-on-one mentorings with the help of Design Terminal's professional mentor community. They can develop through concrete practical examples and customized solutions but the program strengthens the personal ties of the community. This year, special emphasis will be placed on online communication and digital marketing.