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Design Terminal’s V4 Startup Force to boost regional innovation

2018-11-23 00:05:00

43 startups applied to the first regional startup scholarship program

From each V4 country, one startup was selected to attend: Aeriu (HU), Airbrace (CZ), Freya (SK) and Runvido (PL). Two people from each selected startup joined a 10-day long event series at Design Terminal in Budapest. This mentoring session consisted of workshops, personal consultations with the key-mentors, speed mentoring as well as some local business meetings. After the session, the teams also took part in an 8-day long study trip in the other three V4 countries.

Thanks to the mentoring program and the study trip the startups could meet not only with business mentors, similar startups and local accelerators, but negotiate with potential corporate clients such as Volkswagen, IBM, Telekom, Luma Investment and ESA Logistics.

This program drew attention to the growing importance of cooperation among the startups, accelerators and large corporations in the V4 region. It provided platform and visibility to the regional actors in order to get more and more connected with the markets. In the long term, it can contribute to the increase of the business activity and economic development of the region.

The program was organized by Design Terminal and its regional partner accelerators: UP21 (Czech Republic); Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship (Poland) and Campus (Slovakia).

"Program V4 Startup Force is a perfect example of cooperation across the region. The program was well designed and executed, partners worked well together. The startups had many good meetings with corporate partners and I believe that they are aimed for success." Viktor Nyitray, UP21 (CZ)