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Six new businesses to start the autumn semester of Design Terminal’s Mentoring Program after a record number of applicants

2018-10-12 07:05:00

The course attracted unprecedented international interest, out of 215 applicants coming from 56 countries only the 6 most innovative teams could make it into the fall semester of Design Terminal’s Mentoring Program.

Design Terminal’s professional team and outstanding business mentors selected the best candidates out of 215 applicants for their Mentoring Program, which started in 2014 and has grown international since 2016.


Design Terminal’s Mentoring Program has collaborated with 800 startups so far to help develop their products and land successful investments, as well as establish corporate partnerships. The updated autumn course emphasizes preparing both startups and corporations for successful cooperation.


The newly selected 6 companies are about to start a free, intensive three-month business development training. Participants will have the chance to work with domestic and international mentors as well as corporate partners like E.ON, MOL, Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems Budapest and BlackRock Budapest.

Meet the teams that made it into Design Terminal’s autumn 2018 Mentoring Program:

1. Cogito (HU)

Cogito is an e-learning platform based on collaboration, where students can work together on notes to be validated by their teachers later. Their goal is to create a platform that caters to the needs of both the institutions and the students while providing a reliable curriculum through notes and live streamed classes, seminars and even medical operations.

2. Innobie (HU)

Innobie’s mission is to transform the excitement of learning into an everyday experience through augmented reality. Teachers can use Innobie’s application to create presentations that use 3D visualizations, bringing the course materials closer to the students. The team of Vojvodinian university students has won the Hungarian regional competition of this year’s Microsoft Imagine Cup, and marched on to the Top 5 in their category’s international finals.

3. Photon (HU)

Photon is an intermediary agency for photographers and cameramen, building a bridge between clients and photographers by assigning appropriate professionals to projects with a few clicks. The team, led by a 19-year-old woman, has successfully completed Telenor’s accelerator program, and is ready to branch out towards corporate environments with Design Terminal’s Mentoring Program.

4. Wellcome.Chat (HU)

WellcomeChat helps maximize leads from website visits. Their service provides a pop-up chat window that can be embedded into any website and is available to all visitors without registration and signing in. The Hungarian two-piece is not new to the world of business: Dávid Szabó (founder) is the owner of an IT company, while Zsolt R. Bíró spent 6 years at Ustream as lead architect. 

5. Sharekiwi (HU)

Sharekiwi is a secure, local, networkless communication system offering utility to several fields with its range of up to 45 kms. Sharekiwi allows the sharing of HD content with a cellphone case and a corresponding app, but can also serve as a simple messaging app. The team has already completed CEU’s Innolab program and has received investments from Hiventures as well.

6. Socialmap (US)

Socialmap is an employee analysis platform based in Boston that helps employers drive employee engagement. Their program analyzes groups as individual entities and observes verbal and nonverbal communication within team projects.