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Startups targeting the Hungarian agricultural market can boost their business in one day

2019-08-22 09:05:00

Seize the opportunity for a unique speedmentoring organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture and Design Terminal

The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) and Design Terminal are waiting for startups who are eager to grow their businesses with speedmentoring in a single day. The teams can apply until September 22, 2019. At the event they can meet with dozens of agricultural, business development or investment professionals.

Idea-phased and more mature startups and teams can apply to attend the event whose development contributes to the competitiveness of the Hungarian agriculture. Registration for the October 3 event is available at this link until September 22, 2019. Previous agricultural studies or knowledge in the field is not a prerequisite. Anyone whose digital innovation is helping the development of the domestic agriculture sector can apply.