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Supermentors at Design Terminal V: Gergely Hodicska

2017-12-20 12:00:00

The tech wizard known as Felhő helps Design Terminal teams in thinking outside the box

Gergely Hodicska ‘Felhő’ is Head of Engineering at IBM Budapest Lab. He believes that in order to be sustainable, businesses have to create value to their customers and they have to have an impact besides profit as well. For him, being a mentor is helpful because he then needs to rethink his knowledge.

In Design Terminal’s Mentoring Program, he advises the startups on leadership, organizational development and he helps them moving out of their comfort zone. Felhő is helping the team of Plenuum as a key mentor during the three months of the Mentoring Program. This means he’s meeting the startups regularly, continuously supporting them so that they can turn their venture into an internationally successful business as soon as possible.