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UNION Biztosító and Fitpuli signed a strategic co-operation agreement with the assistance of Design Terminal

2018-10-16 07:00:00

As a first step the insurance company expands its services related to corporate health insurance with Fitpuli mobile application. The UNION-Fitpuli brand was created as a result of the agreement between Design Terminal and UNION Biztosító

UNION Biztosító has been one of the major players of the Hungarian health insurance market for ten years. In the framework of health care services it puts a great emphasize on healthy lifestyle. This company objective also includes the introduction of the Fitpuli application, which at first can be used by the insurance company's corporate health insurance clients.

According to the agreement UNION is the sole insurance partner for Fitpuli.

The main element of Fitpuli is a mobile application that is compatible with all available smart bracelets, fitness trackers, and smart watches. It automatically collects lifestyle data, makes personalized analysis, gives feedbacks and creates a platform that embraces lifestyle and medical parameters. In addition, Fitpuli handles information on chronic illnesses, but includes specific screenings and interfaces for laboratory diagnostic records interpretation. Fitpuli provides information on the effectiveness of corporate health programs and the health status of workers in the form of aggregated anonymous data.

The collaboration was created with the assistance of Design Terminal, in line with the organization's goal of developing innovation programs for market players that create bridges between companies and startups.