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We are on the hunt for the most inspiring innovators!

2019-07-05 16:05:00

Apply to Design Terminal’s Mentoring Program by the 4th August 2019!

Teams participating in the Spring Mentoring Program introduced the progress that their businesses have achieved in the last three months on Demo Day on the 4th of July. The program will continue, Design Terminal is searching for startups working on innovative solutions for social challenges in the next month.

174 startups from 30 countries around the world have applied for the spring semester. The semester was launched with ten teams which were able to reach a new level with their business, as demonstrated by their pitches on Design Terminal Demo Day. Melanie Seymour, Head of BlackRock Budapest was the keynote speaker of the event.

The Audience Choice Award was won by ViddL, which renews parcel delivery within the city. Based on the teams’ opinion, the most developed team became SCN4ALL while Lydia Skene was chosen as the best mentor.

Design Terminal is waiting for the most innovative startups from all over the world for the Autumn semester of the Mentoring Program till’ the 4th of August on the website of Design Terminal.