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We have the 11 finalists for the Brain Bar Blastoff Startup Contest!

2019-05-27 08:00:00

Europe’s most talented startups will once again bring their pitch to Brain Bar’s main stage!

Europe’s most talented startups will once again bring their pitch to Brain Bar’s main stage on the 30th of May! The winner prize is a €150,000 funding offer from OXO Holdings, and the special prize is the Deloitte Fast50 Most Disruptive Technology Special Award. The members of the international jury are: Martin Olczyk, CEO at Techstars; Anna Apró, venture capital investor and Péter Oszkó, founder of OXO Gropus, and also Zoltán Gelencsér, CFO at Vodafone Hungary; Zoltán Tancsa,expert at Deloitte Budapest and László Jónás,head of Business Developement at Design Terminal.

Some of the competing teams are our Mentoring Program’s startups:

  • BlueBenu is a Danish startup that is developing a sustainable technology to convert mixed plastic waste from the oceans to virgin petrochemicals for a circular economy of plastics.
  • Kingaer offers a software application wich is an employee engagement tool that assist companies, their managers throughout their engagement journey. It collects performance data and present it in playful and motivational way.
  • Happy at work, the Swedish startup offers a technological tool that makes it easy and effective to measure the well-being and levels of stress in organizations.

And also running for the win:

  • Renderro is a Polish startup developing a Cloud Workplace for digital content creators replacing traditional workstations for projects demanding high computing power.
  • DokiApp offers videocall meetings with doctors and psychologist in less than 30 minutes period during opening hours
  • The Kraftstoff Generator aims to change the way people think about and interact with snacks by offering a whole new personalised experience. The KG’s principle is similar to that of a capsule coffee machine: You give it its raw ingredients, select what you want to produce, wait a few seconds, and enjoy a fresh snack that was made right in front of your eyes, according to your preferences.
  • Lokcheck develops an application through which construction stakeholders can send information and outline tasks to each other, reducing management time on construction sites.
  • ExaMe is a marketplace for exam preparation materials, optimized for smartphones so students can study easily from anytime and anywhere. In the first phase it will launch with high school final exam preparation and afterwards for universities.
  • Eddie is the product of the startup Innobie which makes education special with its educational platform that can assign any kind of virtual 3D object to any physical image (which can be placed in a schoolbook for example).
  • Moonific offers environment-conscious, mindful millennial women an easy access to sustainable, ethical fashion and beauty products and a ticket to a sustainably-minded community that no other online marketplace can currently offer in the European sustainability sphere.
  • Banding is a matchmaking app for bands and DJs founded in August 2018 by Oliver Szendrey-Nagy and Renato Horvath. Its core is an algorithm based on streaming services' and social platforms' data which helps bands to find potential exchange gig partners based on popularity, genre or country among others.

In addition to the finalist teams, the winners of the USchool high school competition will also be able to introduce themselves outside the competition.

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