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As Central Europe’s leading innovation agency, we help companies design tailored innovation programs that address their key business challenges. Innovative companies embrace people who think differently. These people can be employees who challenge the status quo, or startups ready to collaborate with organizations. We call these ambassadors of change Innovation Champions. Design Terminal’s proprietary system taps into the power of Innovation Champions to help our partners attract and keep talent, improve internal processes and generate new business.

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Innovation Champions Approach

  • Find

    We identify and engage with employees, startups and other talents who can drive meaningful innovation

  • Develop

    We create an experience-based learning and development program built around the latest innovation methodologies

  • Integrate

    We support adoption of initiatives and help organizations overcome internal obstacles to ensure sustainable change

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Innovation Champions Radar

Innovation readiness; talent focus; analyzation

Our innovation champion radar assesses your company’s innovation readiness. Using talent-focused methods, we analyze your internal processes, programs and organizational structure to provide you with an extensive study on best practices your company can implement today.

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24 hours; teamwork; agile methodology

Hackathons are intensive innovation events, where participants have only 24 hours to develop solutions for a given business challenge. Teams work intensively with mentors, they employ agile methodologies and adopt design-focused techniques.

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Innovation Champions Workshops

Internal growth; innovative environment; knowledge sharing

Intrapreneurs are internal Innovation Champions who develop disruptive ways of doing business, launching innovative products and services, and strengthening an innovative environment to stay competitive.  The Innovation Champion Workshops equip employees with the knowledge, tools and skills to build a culture of intrapreneurship and kick-start innovative projects.

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corporate challenges; tailor-made solutions; mentor help

A Bootcamp is where your organization and selected startups have a chance to meet each other and pinpoint the best solutions for previously defined corporate challenges. Over 2-3 days, startups design tailor-made solutions by running customer interviews with internal stakeholders and employees.

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Solution Integration

Sustainable growth; measurable gain; continuous change

Identifying your key challenges and the right people to fix them is only half of the solution. Ensuring long-term impact requires that innovations are integrated into your organization’s daily operations and become part of your team’s DNA. We help you find the right path to achieve long-lasting change.

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