Design Terminal is an international innovation agency focusing on entrepreneurial development. We create value for different kinds of partners in the same way: we identify innovation challenges and look for the best people to solve them. We believe innovative solutions lie in optimistic communities. All of our programs leverage the power in personal connections and networks.








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Team Members

In our Budapest office you can run into determined project managers, creative communications specialists, talented photographers and graphic designer, accurate financiers, indispensable assistants and interns too. Although we are a diverse team, coming from different backgrounds, we all share a common enthusiasm for world-changing innovation.

  • Gergely Böszörményi-Nagy CEO
  • László Jónás Head of Strategy, CEO
  • Lajos Diána Graphic Designer
  • Lilla Liszkay Photographer
  • Marina Dula Head of Client Relations
  • Bernadett Miklós HR Manager
  • Ibolya Rácz Financial Assistant
  • Mária Rácz Head of Finance
  • Sári Miklós Head of Mentoring Program
  • Balázs Takács Head of Communications
  • Tímea Végh Head of Operations & HR
  • Zsuzsanna Bódi Strategic Advisor
  • Dorina Póta Social Media Manager
  • Kristóf Molnár Deputy Head of Strategy
  • Katalin Szilágyi Project and Grants Manager
  • Petra Kónyi-Kiss Operations Manager
  • Karolina Tóth Junior Project Manager
  • Kata Holecz Office Manager
  • Diána Kiss Project Manager
  • Viktória Németh Project Assistant
  • Sophia Hanson Project Manager
  • Vivien Koltai Junior Project Manager
  • Anna Arató Project Manager
  • Dorottya Illés Senior Project Manager
  • Eszter Graszl Communication Project Manager
  • Lőrinc Páva Project Coordinator, ESA Technology Broker
  • Dóra Szinovszki Organisational Development Manager
  • Marcell Izing Project Manager
  • Ágnes Visnyovszki Financial Assistant
  • Laura Götzinger Legal Expert
  • Bálint Szabó Project Manager
  • Angéla Csala Legal Counsel
  • Beáta Imre Senior Project Manager
  • Emma Csoma Junior HR manager
  • Kinga Turkevi-Nagy Project Manager Assistant



We launch our acceleration activity for creative industry entrepreneurs.


We start to focus on tech-based startups with strong social impact and launch our first corporate innovation projects.


We expand our mission Europe-wide, especially in the V4 Region.


We launch business development programs in more and more industries: in addition to agriculture, we are present in the automotive and space industries as well.


We are constantly looking for talents and seeking innovation.


We are expecting startups from all over the world for our flagship incubation program. The strengths of the program are the colorful professional support, community building and the mentoring team of national and international experts. Case Study Application
We are responsible for the European Space Agency’s incubation activity for space industry startups in Hungary. ESA Business Incubation Center Hungary helps entrepreneurs with professional guidance, networking possibilities and a funding of €50.000. Case Study Application
As a professional partner we are cooperating with the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture in various program elements of the first agritech startup program in the country. It’s aim is not less than the digitization of the sector. Innovative solutions increase the competitiveness of Hungarian agriculture, meanwhile startups participating can enter the market easier with the help of corporations in the program. Case Study
Together with the International Visegrad Fund we established the V4 SUF as the first startup scholarship program in the V4 Region. The program helps Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and Polish entrepreneurs develop locally. We believe that’s the first step towards an easier regional expansion. Case Study Application
The Womenture project aim is to empower innovation agencies and accelerators to generate new joint services and activities into their initiatives to boost female entrepreneurship while broadening the participating ecosystem across Europe. Our consortium partners are: DEX IC, Tehnopol, SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator. The AD4DG’s overall objective is to design the foundations of a European data space that support the key priorities of biodiversity, climate change, and pollution. Case Study
The aim of the European Space Agency's Technology Broker program is to bridge the gap between space technology and market needs by supporting the transfer of space solutions to traditional industries. If a company is facing a challenge that can be solved by a space innovation, the Technology Broker connects it with the right space startup. The successful transfer is supported by the Spark Funding opportunity, which provides financial support to the companies that are looking to develop their business with space technology. Application


Optimists first! If you would like to be part of the startup ecosystem bringing real change to the world and you're passionate about sustainable innovation, this is your place!


Join us in our mission to create the most competitive innovation eco-system in Europe, meet like-minded peers and build your brand as an innovator in your industry from their ideas.