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A startup participating in the alumni program (hereinafter: Alumni Member) is register to Design Terminal Public Benefit Non-Profit Limited Liability Company (seat: 1 Stúdium tér, Tatabánya, H-2800; registration number: 11-09-024678; tax number: 25717002-2-11 hereinafter: Design Terminal) alumni program (hereinafter: Alumni) by accepting this statement.

At the initiative of the Design Terminal, the following Alumni Policy and Privacy Policy ( will be accepted by the Alumni Member to provide a framework for communication between startups participating in mentoring programs currently or previously organized by Design Terminal.

Alumni Regulation

I. Design Terminal establishes the Alumni for the following purposes:

  • to establish and strengthen the relationship between the Alumni Members and the current employees of the Design Terminal;
  • to establish and strengthen the relationship between the Alumni Members
  • sartup-ecosystem, business developement, global and domestic startup events, as well as events organised by the Design Terminál;
  • informing Alumni Members about program opportunities and competitions;
  • the possibility of contact with various organizations

II. Membership status:

  • The member of the Design Terminal Alumni community may be a person who has participated in a Design Terminal mentor program, organized event, event, or has worked closely with one of the Design Terminal programs.
  • Can be a member of the Design Terminal Alumni community, who participated in any event, mentor event or program organised by the Design Terminal, or worked closesly with any Design Terminal’s program.
  • The Design Terminal may contact this person if he / she provides his / her data (such as name, e-mail address, registered office or place of business, telephone number) to the Design Terminal for this purpose during registration, thus consenting to the processing of his / her data and Design Terminal for the purpose of the Alumni.
  • Pursuant to these Regulations, the former employees, authorized lecturers, mentors and supporters of the Design Terminal may remain registered Alumni members.
  • Registration is free and is for a fixed period of 5 years. Registration is done by means of a questionnaire, entry form or e-mail provided by the Design Terminal. Alumni Membership takes effect immediately upon authentication.
  • The Design Terminal's data protection policy and the provisions of the data protection regulations shall apply to the handling, transmission, protection and security of personal data obtained by the Design Terminal in connection with the Design Terminal Alumni.

III. Registered Alumni Members are entitled to:

  • to get acquainted with the life and programs of the Design Terminal;
  • participate in Alumni events organized by the Design Terminal;
  • take advantage of the discounts and subsidies provided to Design Terminal Alumni Members and published on the website;
  • the electronic publications of the Annual Report prepared by the Design Terminal;
  • use the services available to Alumni Members;

IV. Responsibilities of Registered Alumni Members:

  • Simultaneously with the registration, the members of the Design Terminal Alumni declare that they accept the Alumni goals valid in point I, as well as these regulations, and comply with the provisions of this Agreement, in order to preserve and strengthen the reputation of the Design Terminal during their membership. and refrain from any conduct incompatible with the spirit of Design Terminal;
  • the membership status of the Alumni Members and the related rights are non-transferable;
  • Alumni Members may not abuse their membership, and may only use the programs and events organized for them for their intended purpose;

V. Termination of membership created by registration:

  • Membership may be terminated:
    • by withdrawal (as declared by the member);
    • by exclusion
  • The Alumni Member may declare in written form that he wishes to cancel or withdraw his registration. In this case, the statement must be sent to the mailing address of the Design Terminal. Membership shall terminate 15 days after receipt of the declaration.
  • The membership may also be terminated by exclusion if the member engages in conduct incompatible with the spirit of the Design Terminal, or if he acts contrary to the objectives of the Design Terminal Alumni and abuses his membership. It is the responsibility of the Design Terminal to examine the circumstances justifying the exclusion and to make a possible exclusion decision.

VI. Final provisions:

  • This Regulation enters into force on the 21st of January 2021. 02. 11.
  • This Regulation has been prepared in Hungarian and English language. The Alumni Member agrees, that in case of any legal dispute the Hungarian version shall prevail as to the interpretation of this Regulation and, in connection with the legal relationship hereunder, they shall refer the resolution of such disputes to the jurisdiction of Hungarian courts.

Budapest, 21st of January 2021.